Last week's adventure

So apparently the group of adventurers were so awesome that someone more of an idiot than Nix decided to take notice. The Idiot-Lord Cornfield, one of the most influential politicians in the city (despite having less sense than a certain barmaid ditz) invited us over for an early breakfast to show us how empty his skull was. We were all impressed. All except Nix declined a photograph, and an interview with the newspaper is yet to be arraigned.

While leaving the Cornfield Manor, we discovered that we were being tailed, though to what end we were unable to discover, as suddenly everything was on fire. The Cleric ran about doing heroic things, while the Professor got the Militia to do its job. He and Nix then thwarted some looters as well. It turned out that the fires were being caused by a open fire sigil. (Remember, this is why we always block ports and close i/o streams when we’re done with them!) Thanks to the heroic acts of Lieutenant Haskell of the Financial Militia, we were able to close the sigil, and the Professor got to keep the shiny new wand.

We then decided to serve the greater evil for the greater good, which is explained in the previous post.

Operation: Cowtipper

So this is a general explanation of the plan for next episode, for players and DM.

Note that some of the details won’t be made known to all characters, namely Kymurt and the Cleric, since they may oppose parts of it.

Currently, we have Sir Jeff’s consort scheduled to arrive at the opera. We need to find a way to ensure Sir Jeff arrives at the opera as well, either by forging a note to him, or luring him with the promise of some kind of ‘deal’.

The Professor will escort Bella to the opera house by carriage. The Cleric and Kymurt will mingle with the higher ups, and Nix will be in the form of a servant.

Jeff and Bella meet. There is a possibility that Sir Jeff will not appreciate Bella’s presence in high-society turf. If this is the case, there will be an argument, and Sir Jeff will easily be convinced to drink. If this is not the case, then they will drink whatever Bella has taken with her, which both are drugged with ‘5-minute delay sleepy time’ poison.

If there was an argument, then Bella will be removed from the opera house (told to get out from Sir Jeff, running away in tears, whatever). If there was not an argument, then Bella will be unconscious. The Professor and Kymurt take Sir Jeff’s body, and Nix impersonates him and goes and mingles. Sir Jeff will be disposed of, with a combination of Vader-grip, heavy rocks tied to the body, and the ocean. Bella, if present, will wake up alone, be informed that Sir Jeff had some pressing matters of state to attend, and be escorted away from the opera house (With a nice gift).

Nix then pretends to be a little drunk, allowing him to mingle with his associates without raising (too much) suspicion. The Cleric exhorts him not to drink any more, but “Sir Jeff” drinks a bit more anyway. Eventually, he drinks to the point that he cannot keep his balance, and falls off the balcony, ‘injuring’ himself. The Cleric can treat most of his wounds, immediately, but a blow to the head will require a bit more care. The Cleric readily volunteers to care for him, and Nix is taken right into Sir Jeff’s home.

Unfortunately, it seems that Pelor is calling Sir Jeff’s soul home to a better place, and he probably doesn’t have much more than a week, at most. Now, anyone with unfinished business with Sir Jeff will want to come see him before he passes away. <evil>

Next, Nix will be replaced with a fabricated double, basically a mannequin made of flesh or something. This will allow Nix time to investigate as a servant. When Sir Jeff finally succumbs to his injuries, the mannequin will be buried instead.

Since it is the start of Fall, the nights are starting to get cold and the fireplaces will need to be lit, which means that the chimneys need to be cleaned before. The Professor (and Nix, should the mannequin be in place) will disguise themselves as Dick Van Dyke, and with a group of other guild members / chimney sweeps be able to scope out the estate. A few nights later, Lord Cornfield will have his chimneys swept as well, giving us a chance to investigate his estate.

That’s all I can remember for now. Let me know if I forgot any details or anything.

Clean Up in Pipe 3!

After disposing of the goblin monstrosity, we then turned our attention to the most threatening and dangerous entity in the entire city; namely the proto-gate to the Far Realm.

While the Professor directed the rest of the party in closing the gate, they were discovered by a scout from the thieves guild and his companion, an idiot thief <ranger> by the name of Nix. Nix assisted in containing the proto-gate, allowing the Professor to temporarily seal it via a magic circle just in time to receive another visit from the warped goblins.

The Professor was not amused, and devoured their very souls. The dashing and noble Professor Corinth used his impressive (yet classy) arcane skills to create a temporal vortex, blocking off the attackers. The bat riders, being of the brave yet stupid sort, flew through and were quickly destroyed. The remainder of the attackers wisely fled. Attention then turned to the scout and Nix. The scout quickly gained the Paladin’s trust, despite Nix claiming to be from the thieves guild. The Cleric and the Paladin almost smote Nix, and the Professor smote his face with a palm to prevent an aneurysm from sheer stupidity. After a brief chat with the brains of the operation, Nix was admitted to join the group on the conditions that he cause no more aneurysms.

The remainder of the cavers were cleared without any particular incident, with the exception of the kitchen area, which contained a large soul jar in the form of a stone wall. The group managed to release the trapped souls, sending them to the dark abyss of Xunun to a better place.

The Cleric and Paladin returned to the Temple of Pelor, reporting their success. The scout returned to the thieves guild with Nix, reporting whatever it was they needed to report. The professor took back several samples to the university, including a large energy-absorbent stone, and a staff covered in smaller stones of similar nature.

The Rest of the Sewer

After we killed the monstrosity that came out of the Far Realm pool/portal, we began to try to get rid of the portal. As we were doing this, Nix showed up along with a pet wolf. We were having a little success, and just as Nix came over to help us close the portal, the goblins that ran away previously returned and 2 were riding on giant bats, along with other goblins and bats. The professor was able to cast darkness on the two riders. We managed to kill the goblins and bats. The other goblins and bats ran away. We also manage to close and contain the portal. Kymert received divinity from Pelor that Nix was sent to help us. Nix and the professor sneak into another room and see a strange wall and a couple goblins chopping meat off bones. Kymert and Holza(hope I spelled it right) and the wolf catch up with the others and Kymert enters the room. A garbage ooze appears and attacks. We kill the ooze and the goblins, and then release the spirits that were trapped in the strange wall. We went back to our leaders and received our rewards.

Last week's adventure

So it’s been 2 weeks, and my memory is a little fuzzy about what happened.

Our intrepid band of psychopathic killers adventurers hear rumors that a strange monster was terrorizing the sewers, causing some bad backups in the area. The Professor went of to see if anyone in the university knew anything about the situation, while the rest of the party went to the Goblin District to gather info from them. They found a goblin willing to guide them to the area of the monster the next day.

In the sewer, they found a drainage tunnel blocked off by debris, and guarded by a nasty garbage ooze creature. After killing it and taking samples, further investigation of the debris indicated that the blockage had been intentional, and that some kind of evil magic had both created the ooze monster, and was present further in the sewers.

Apon further investigation, the group found a group of hostile Far Real-warped goblins. The majority of them were dispatched, though their leader and a few minions escaped further down the tunnels.

The tunnels then branched into 3 sections. The group took the section where the source of evil was originating from. There, they fought a few goblin minions, a warped goblin, and a giant far-realm goblin monster. In the room is also a proto-gate to the far realm, which will need to be dealt with.

Benefits of Creating an Adventure log

Hey everyone. Thanks for such a great session. There was some good roleplaying going on the first half, and plenty of sword-wielding, goblin-butt-kicking goodness the second.

I’d just like to give you a reminder that creating an adventure log gives you certain in-game bonuses, like:
*A 5% XP jump, meaning that you get 5% of however many experience points it takes to go from your level to the next.
*A great way to keep all your clues, storyline, and people met together as your character understood it. Looking back after a couple sessions may surprise you what kinds of clues/foreshadowing were going on around you.
*Furthermore, the character who writes the best adventure log will get an additional 5% bonus jump; put together, that’s 10%, or roughly an encounter! There are lots of ways to get this reward; you might write your post in-character; you might write it in particularly dramatic fashion; you might give very good and interesting details about what happened; you might provide me with good story ideas, city events, or character ideas.

In short, writing out adventure logs is beneficial to you and to me. The better to do, the more XP you’ll get (and maybe other in-game awards as well, if the post is particularly deserving).

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