Last week's adventure

So it’s been 2 weeks, and my memory is a little fuzzy about what happened.

Our intrepid band of psychopathic killers adventurers hear rumors that a strange monster was terrorizing the sewers, causing some bad backups in the area. The Professor went of to see if anyone in the university knew anything about the situation, while the rest of the party went to the Goblin District to gather info from them. They found a goblin willing to guide them to the area of the monster the next day.

In the sewer, they found a drainage tunnel blocked off by debris, and guarded by a nasty garbage ooze creature. After killing it and taking samples, further investigation of the debris indicated that the blockage had been intentional, and that some kind of evil magic had both created the ooze monster, and was present further in the sewers.

Apon further investigation, the group found a group of hostile Far Real-warped goblins. The majority of them were dispatched, though their leader and a few minions escaped further down the tunnels.

The tunnels then branched into 3 sections. The group took the section where the source of evil was originating from. There, they fought a few goblin minions, a warped goblin, and a giant far-realm goblin monster. In the room is also a proto-gate to the far realm, which will need to be dealt with.


Remember to give yourself +100xp for writing this.

Last week's adventure

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